• Most comprehensive financial

    planning software available

    for high-end clients

  • Investment Planning

    Detailed cashflow & tax implications

    with easy what-if analysis

  • Retirement Planning

    Variety of popular plan formats

    and Social Security computations

  • Cash Management

    Dynamic projection of profile

    with multi layered options

  • Capital Needs Analysis

    Now and forever

  • Estate Planning

    Client, spouse and family

  • Education Funding

    Standalone funding analysis or

    part of comprehensive planning

  • Detailed implementation of

    Federal and State income taxes

COMPREHENSIVE    Unmatched capabilities to increase your productivity and accuracy.

ExecPlan offers a tremendous range of pertinent client information and computations. It can produce over 125 different types of reports, utilizing statements, text and graphics to illustrate the various aspects of a financial plan. It can accommodate profiles from the very simple to the most complex with relative ease. It offers unlimited "What If" flexibility, with full dynamic integration to analyze the effects of each possibility, while also providing the built-in versatility of Automatic Cash Management, Capital Needs Analysis, Education Funding, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and other client-focused features such as Qualified Business Income and Pass-thru deductions analysis, Charitable and other Gift and Estate analysis etc. Complex planning and customization is easy with advanced Linked Files and other powerful information import capabilities, and includes Lifetime Profile, Batch Report Production, and Alternative Analysis features. All you need to enter is the pertinent information - then choose the reports that best suit your needs.

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VERSATILE    Select the report you need, or customize your own.

Versatility is built into ExecPlan's many different input formats, grouped into logical data and financial categories. There is a wide selection of where and how to enter data. If an input is not applicable to your client's situation, just skip over it. The system never forces you to make entries not needed for your plan. ExecPlan reports print only the information you judge to be relevant. You select the level of detail to be shown in the reports (years, descriptions, etc.). Or, if you choose, design your own reports from scratch.
Even the standard report text can be customized to reflect your individual practices. You have complete control of report selection, printing and order of appearance. So, financial plans can be easily generated at any level, from uncomplicated planning for a child's education to a highly detailed, integrated plan for a demanding client with a variety of interests, assets and financial goals. And, only the necessary calculations are performed when you change an item of input.

EASY TO USE    Well-Designed tutorials help you master the system at your own pace.

Automatic projection and consolidation features accomplish most data entries for you. Dynamic integration offers easy review of your data in a variety of grouping methods. Prompts for each input appear on screen, and the full context-sensitive help manual is always just a keystroke or mouse click away. Technical support is as easy as picking up the phone. It has been confirmed by users that ExecPlan extends your ability to provide professional financial and tax planning services at all levels...with software you will never outgrow.

TOTALLY INTEGRATED    ExecPlan seamlessly integrates an array of modules performing a comprehensive variety of planning functions.

With ExecPlan, you choose precisely what you need for a specific client:

Financial Profiles - projected up to 100 years Financial Event Funding - Fund Accumulation
Cash Management Simulation - multi-layered options Thoroughly Implemented Federal Income Taxes
Investment Planning - before and after scenarios Specific Implementation of State Income Taxes
Capital Needs Analysis - in case of death or disability Integrated and Modifiable Text Reporting
Retirement Planning - over a dozen reports Meaningful, Attractive Charts & Graphs
Estate Planning - for each spouse User-designed Reports & File Output
Portfolio & Asset Characteristics Analysis Batch Processing for Plan Write-up
Education Funding Analysis for Children Information Import/Export Capability

DYNAMICALLY RESPONSIVE    ExecPlan is a quick and comprehensive planning tool.

The case data for each item is entered automatically and reflected appropriately throughout the case, with several formats available for each item of information. You may view the results of any action, addition, or deletion at any time. The system's analysis will always incorporate the dynamic interaction of all the latest items and information entered...and it's fast!

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AMAZINGLY FLEXIBLE    You can easily adapt a client's current, changing, and recommended profiles.

Flexibility allows you to easily adapt to a client's current, recommended, and changing profiles. ExecPlan will not get in your way; in fact, it's designed to complement and extend your professional skills without forcing you to accommodate a rigid software program. ExecPlan offers a single, flexible program for your entire practice - from a young working client to a senior executive or an affluent client with multiple business interests.

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