• Most comprehensive financial

    planning software available

    for high-end clients

  • Investment Planning

    Detailed cashflow & tax implications

    with easy what-if analysis

  • Retirement Planning

    Variety of popular plan formats

    and Social Security computations

  • Cash Management

    Dynamic projection of profile

    with multi layered options

  • Capital Needs Analysis

    Now and forever

  • Estate Planning

    Client, spouse and family

  • Education Funding

    Standalone funding analysis or

    part of comprehensive planning

  • Detailed implementation of

    Federal and State income taxes

Our top-of-the-line planning software for professional financial planners. At Sawhney Systems, we have been developing and supporting financial and tax planning software for 3 decades. By carefully listening to users, we have continually refined ExecPlan to meet the ever changing needs of financial planners. And, by harnessing advances in the technology, we've led the way in innovative solutions, helping us create the most versatile financial planning software available for individuals.

ExecPlan is designed to meet and surpass your planning needs empowering you to fully meet your elite client’s planning needs regardless of their magnitude or complexity. This single system can make your practice more efficient and profitable, with a minimum learning and expense. Its tax implementation is up-to-date with the latest laws stemming from the 2017-2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

Today, our financial needs are more diverse than ever before. With ongoing changes in the economic climate, tax structure, investments, retirement and other savings options for the nest egg, there is a growing need for comprehensive financial planning in order to maintain sound financial profile across all levels of clientele. Among the key ingredients needed to insure success in this process are the tools you use to help analyze your alternatives and develop financial plans that are most suitable to your clients. We understand this importance and it is reflected in the comprehensiveness of this application.

Is ExecPlan more than what you are looking for?
Our slightly scaled down version ExecPlan express may address your needs sufficiently.
If you are looking for a personal financial planning app on a mobile phone or tablet please check out our mobile financial planning app, PlanMode or tax planning app, TaxMode.